MORNING MAKEOVER: To Create An Extraordinary Life

MORNING MAKEOVER: To Create An Extraordinary Life

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MORNING MAKEOVER: To Create An Extraordinary Life

MORNING MAKEOVER: To Create An Extraordinary Life

Information about the author

•Morning Makeover is a book written by Damon Zahariades. • An American author who has influenced many people all over the world, he is also known for his distinct writing style. • Among his best-known works are: 1. Small Habits Revolution 2. Fast Focus 3. To-do List Formula 4. The Art of Saying No •Maybe we’ll talk about each book in detail subsequently, but today we’ll summarise only the Morning Makeover book.

Summary of Morning Makeover Book

•The book is all about 4 main ideas. We’ll talk about each idea in detail in the following paragraphs. •The book also includes models of various successful people's morning routines, which you can use to inspire your own morning routine.

10 Reasons to do your Morning Routine • Starting your day with a morning routine is a perfect opportunity to seize a lot of benefits as follows

1- To organise your day and time. 2- increase your productivity level daily. 3- Early morning excretes your body's endorphins (the happiness hormones) efficiently. It reduces the secretion of cortisol (the primary stress hormone) so that you will be happier and quieter at that time. 4- There won’t be any distractions, so your rate of concentration will increase. 5- As a result, you can think clearly and deeply in the early morning, reducing your mistakes. 6- You’ll feel more active and energetic. 7- Your clarity of mind will improve as a result. 8- Your health will be improved, during which you will be able to do your breakfast and practise sports, etc. 9- At the end of the day, you’ll feel that you've accomplished your day. 10- Early morning is the best time to work on your dreams and goals before you start your work.

How to sleep well and get up active

• If you want to get up and be active every day, first you have to get yourself ready to sleep in a deep way • So these are tips from the Morning Makeover. It will help you to get enough deep sleep to get up early in the morning with an energetic and active mind. 1. To sleep every day at a fixed time. 2. Reduce Caffeine beverages should be avoided as much as possible, and they should not be consumed for at least 6 hours before going to bed. 3. to sleep completely in a dark place so that your subconscious mind realises that the dark is relevant to comfort and sleep, so you could sleep faster with time. 4. Stay away from all technological devices for at least one hour before going to bed. 5. Choose an alarm tone you love. 6. If you use your phone as an alarm, put it away during the night. 7. Remember your goals, so you can wake up actively and energetically. 8. Do your night routine, such as: Set your alarm at 5 AM, then put off your mobile and put it in a faraway place in your room. • Then brush your teeth and get a warm shower. • Pray, do workouts, meditations, etc. • Then read 5 pages from any book you love. So just remember, you can comfortably create your night routine, and the previous steps are just suggestions based on personal experience.

How to create a morning routine to have an extraordinary morning every day

• Set your goals before you sleep. • Prepare an obstacle list that will prevent you from waking up early, then suggest it, such as: • If you have a lot of hard tasks the next day, start with preparing for them before you sleep. • Start your day with a light sport or stroll if you are prone to laziness and idleness. • Indicate the amount of time that is appropriate for each task in your day, and be realistic in this step. • Know the habits that comply with waking up early, such as Do exercises, Reading, Meditation • Keep the habit sequence that was mentioned above. • Make your routine as simple as you can, so you can commit to it. To motivate you, • write your routine and put it in front of you, to motivate you. • Finally, be flexible when you implement your daily plan.

How to deal with obstacles?

-The obstacles that happen between you and your goals are very natural. 1-You'll regret it if you lost a day without doing your morning routine. You can simply do your routine the next day. 2-Depending on willpower is the biggest mistake you can make, so building habits is the solution. This was a summary of the Morning Makeover Book, and the last part of the book is about models of morning routines. You can quote it, but it's better to create your own morning routine, so it could be suitable for you.

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