Amazing smart tips for self studying

Amazing smart tips for self studying

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Amazing smart tips for self studying

Amazing smart tips for self studying

Write down your syllabus

writing down your whole syllabus on a page helps to keep a check on how much work has been done and how much is left.

Shower before studying

you will not have the same freshness without showering, it's a lot more effective if you can't focus on your studies.

Don't procrastinate

if you want to use your time wisely then don't leave things for later. Sit for another hour and complete that topic.

Use Pomodromo Technique

If your attention span is short then take a break of 5 minutes after studying for 25 minutes. Don't stay stick on this and keep increasing your time of studying.

Actually study and learn something

dont fool yourself into thinking that you have studied if you didn't learn anything. Filling pages does not mean studying.

Stay away from phones until your study time is over

That break you are taking in between is not for using phone, it's for relaxing your brain a little. Checking social media will kill your productivity.

Dive into your subject

Study to actually learn the topic properly. Don't study for the sake of completing it, you will not remember it in long run in this way.

Atleast two subjects in a day

don't hang around doing one thing for the whole day, have some variety during studying . Start something fresh if you have lost productivity in one subject.

Make clean notes

you don't have to be all colorful but atleast make clear notes that will help you revise later.

Write while studying

you will remember the subject better if you write along memorising, make graphs, practice diagrams, write those definitions in your own terms.

Revise at the end of day

its better to revise everything you studied to check your productivity and help in memorize the content in a better way.

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