10 tips on studying for a longer period of time.

10 tips on studying for a longer period of time.

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10 tips on studying for a longer period of time.

10 tips on studying for a longer period of time.

1- Plan and prepare in advance

Preparing in advance makes you more likely to execute it and there's a great chance of you sticking over to it.

2- Get up around 8

Get fresh and have breakfast. Don’t try to access any kind of electronic device which can divert your attention. Just be calm and go out in sunlight for a while.

3- Study in slots of Three hours. First slot 9 am - 12 pm. Second slot 1 pm - 4 pm. Third slot 5 pm - 8 pm, Fourth slot 9 pm to 11pm.

Studying in slots is far by the most effective way. Studying continously will make you feel tired easily but studying in slots of three hours with breaks will give you small boost of energy that you need to get on to work again.

4- Switch off your phone and keep it in the cupboard buried in your clothes.

I do this everytime cause even if your mobile is kept somewhere in front of you then you'll get tempted to unlock it. So the best thing is to switch it off and place it between your clothes.

5- Do some stretching exercise every time you take a break

If you won't stretch, then chances are that you'll get pasm in your back and you will be no longer able to sit for the next slot. So perform some basic stretching.

6- feeling of satisfaction

Imagine having that feeling of satisfaction you'll have once you clear that particular exam. It's all about that feeling and just a couple of years and you'll thank yourself for that consistent efforts. This will motivate you automatically to study.

7- Don’t stop,

if you get tired, just stand up, move around a little, have some fresh air, go for a small walk, talk with your mom for a while. Just don't Quit.

8- Remember you’ll take time

o develop a habit of studying consistently and you'll sometimes get exhausted but it's the process and you are getting it through so don't worry and keep moving.

9- Keep your working place clean and organised

This will lead to clarity of thoughts in your mind.

10- Keep a water bottle

Keep a water bottle near you and after every half hour, take 2 sips from that bottle. Keeping yourself hydrated helps to keep your mind focused. In the end you’ll mess up sometimes like procrastinating your studies, fatigue, studying less than targeted but that's all fine because its all human nature. You just keep moving and take little steps everyday.

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